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The story

Currently a confirmed Level CMAS 3, scuba diving has fully been part of my life since 2003.


In short, scuba diving is omnipresent……. Except in my dressing room

Indeed, I was looking for a brand which could be both chic and fashionable, and allowing us to show that we belong to the world of silence…

Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in that search….


The idea came naturally in April 2012 during a dinner between scuba divers (of course), of the desire to produce high quality goods, with a highly developed design and above all, attention to detail which will make the difference…. 


ALPHA SPIRIT was created.


Our commitment

 In order to limit our carbon feet, I have decide to produce in Europa ( Portugal).


The creation of the first fashion collection

I’ve put all my heart in this first fashion collection. 

Above all, I wanted my polo shirts to tell a story. 

I am thus more than pleased to introduce the “Côte Bleue” series, (Blue Coast in English) and the H20-Share our Passion series. 


Côte Bleue

The « Côte Bleue » is a marvelous place near Marseille…. But please keep it secret and let’s try to preserve this small corner of paradise.

The “Côte Bleue” is simply my favorite region, the one where I grew up. Therefore, I had to dedicate my first series to it.

The Blue Coast is also a marine reserve with an intense underwater life with regular encounters of the very sought after and majestic Mola Mola




Le Polo H20- Share our passion

This series is more generic and symbolizes the passion for scuba diving. 

Through the success of this first collection, will be created other collections…. I have plenty of ideas for the next ones!!! 

I have put all my heart in it….It is your turn now to make the success of this small brand and to become a fan of the Alpha Spirit polo shirts. 

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